Path to text positioning bug when grouped?

I think i found a bug when using the path to text function in 0.9.09.

If i create a circle, and a text. Then Apply “path to text” to make the text attach to the circle everything is ok. But if i select everything and group it together, and then try to move the resulting item, the text moves all over the place.

The text seems to move in the direction I move the item…

This “feature” has been referenced previously, but rather than search the forum, it’s easier to provide the solution.

Convert the text to path.

This post talks about a related issue. Both have been resolved in an update to the 9.09 release.

If you open the ‘Help’→’Quick Help and Notes’, then click the ‘About’ tab in that window. Notice the release date. If you do not have the version I am showing (note date/time, not just version number), run the ‘Check for Updates’ and you should find this resolved.

Please confirm either way. :slight_smile:

This is fixed with the recent 0.9.09 patch.

Yes, i do realize i can convert the text to a Path, and if i do not group the items it works as intended aswell… So there are workarounds.

I think I am on the latest patch, the one from tuesday of 0.9.09(?).

And it is on that version i get the issue.

Its very easy to recreate.

  1. Create a circle and some text
  2. Select both - right click “Apply Path to Text”
  3. Select everything and “Group”.
  4. Move the resulting item around the screen.

(And just for info, naturally grouping this simple item, where the text and the circle is already attached makes no real sense, but this was the easiest way to recreate the problem. I noticed this when i was creating a more complicated design that I wanted to keep grouped for simplicity).

If you convert the circle to curves first, before grouping it, does it still do it? (It shouldn’t - I believe this bug only affected ‘primitive’ shapes in LightBurn, not actual path objects)

This is fixed, but it’s likely that the fix was not put into the public release for fear of causing even more snafu’s and patches - I wanted it to go through more thorough testing first. The next release has fixes for this bug as well as the ability to grid / radial copy text objects applied to paths.

That is correct, if i convert the circle to curves/path, the behavior changes and it works correctly. (Converting the text to path makes it work aswell, but converting the circle is a much better workaround as the text is still editable then…)

Sounds good that it is already fixed in a coming release, no real inconveniece for me, just wanted to be a good user and report the bugs i find :wink:

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Cool - I just wanted to make sure it was the same behavior and verify that I’ve fixed it. :slight_smile: Thank you for clarifying.

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