Path to text two rows of text on a circle top/bottom?

I am trying to add a saying on the top and underneath a circle. I can get the top or bottom text to follow the path but not both. Will not allow me to add two lines of text to the circle and then hit the “pathway” button. I followed the tutorial but it only shows how to add one row of text. Also, when it comes time to laser can I hide the circle so it does not get cut or engraved?


You can’t do this. When I want two groups of text around a circle, I create a circle add the text so the bottom of the text is touching the circle, then I create another circle using the offset tool so this circle is touching the top of that text and add a line of text to this second circle.


Put it on a tool layer or any other layer and turn it off.

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Thank you! Both of those suggestions worked out. Now I am finding that with certain fonts I do not get the option of “path to text”? I don’t understand why?

Have not ran into that before.
If you ungroup or weld or anything like that it’s not text anymore, so text to path is out. I fought that once for a while before figuring it out. Or maybe not a tt or vector font?
Pro tip:
Get inkscape, (free!) and watch laser everything video on subject, great effects and awesome companion to LB.
A bit of a learning curve but worth it.

Good point! I will make sure to check welds & ungrouping. I don’t have Inkscape but do use Adobe Illustrator.

Im sure AI is even better!
I gave up on Adobe when one day all my software quit working and they told me W8 was not supported. I asked why it was supported the day before, what I should do with ongoing projects, etc. they just giggled. Anyway, saving me subscription costs for AI, PS, etc. ever since. Inkscape and Gimp now.

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