Pattern making using repeatable number of dots per CM

I’m creating patterns to cut out of leather and want to add .05mm size dots for sewing holes. How do I configure for a small dot every 4 or 5 mm apart, for up to 1 foot long?

Draw a line/path for these sewing holes and set that layer to ‘Line’ with the ‘Dot Mode’ set to the desired spacing.

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Perfect, thanks!! I appreciate your time and expertise.

hi Pat

i did this exact operation on some thin leather yesterday. It worked really well.

after that i also needed to do some 3mm leather , so the hole needed to be 0.5mm, which is ten times larger than you needed.

for that i drew a half mm circle , placed it at the start point of the path (exactly at the start point), and lightburn repeated the hole pattern along the path beautifully.

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