Pattern takes longer than single burn would if multiplied

I have a simple program (One word and two images) that takes me 3ish minutes to engrave but when I try to pattern it 50 times it estimates a 13 hour burn time! Is there a way to just clone the 3 minute program toolpath 50 times?

What I understand doesn’t make sense… It would help if you can post the .lbrn2 file and any screen shots or other information you have

If a ‘part’ takes 3 minutes, then 50 x 3 is 150 minuets or 2.5 hours. It has to move between objects… sounds in the ball park… what are you wanting to do… ?


I’m new to this forum so hopefully this works. I’ve included screenshots of both the single and the patterned preview.

Look at the distance of a ‘cut’ /‘rapid move’ in the first compared to the second. I think this is the transversal move that is red.

The red in your shot is the place the head is going, taking time, and it’s covering a lot more area. This is the ‘traversal moves’…

If you can drop the .lbrn2 file here, lots of people will look at it and probably lower your estimated job time.


PATTERN_RUN_TEST.lbrn2 (844.4 KB)
SINGLE_RUN_TEST.lbrn2 (113.3 KB)

Change cut settings to “Fill shapes individually” for both layers.

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That fixed it! Thank you so much everyone! The new engraving time is just over 2.5 hours.

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