Pause after engrave before cutting

Is there any possibility in future versions(or workarounds in the current) that an ability to enter a time delay between engraving and cutting so that if engraving out of focus, allows time to adjust the z axis.

Various approaches are possible. You could cut selected graphics and use absolute coordinates (select engraving; run job; adjust z; select cut; run job).

You could apply a start delay to your cut layer of the number of seconds you want before starting. If you max that number out, you could create a buffer layer at 0% power, crawling speed, and on a line segment length just for this purpose of the delay.

On your particular machine, do you manually adjust Z? Is Z not motorized and tied into your controller?

It’s possible to create a layer that has Start / End delays per cut, but it’s not possible to set a delay for an entire layer.

Something that’s relatively easy, if you have a spare layer: Draw a line using a spare layer, set it to 1% power, and 1mm/sec speed. Draw the line however long you want the delay to be (10mm at 1mm/sec is 10 seconds). 1% power isn’t going to fire the tube, and your machine has a pause button, so the delay really only has to be long enough to give you time to hit the pause button, then un-pause when you’ve made the adjustment.

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