Pause does'nt seem to work on multiple passes

Maybe I have a setting wrong somewhere.
I drew a square box, about 1.5 ", set the power and speed and selected 5 passes.
Started the burn and about half way through the second pass someone came to my door.
I clicked the Pause button and the button name changed to Resume but the machine kept going.

Then I tried with a single pass and it still does it.

No matter how many times I pressed pause and resume the machine just kept burning until the end of the last pass. I’ve not been using Lightburn for long, is it me that has something set wrong?

I have no idea what a “Scanners12” machine is (in your profile), but if it’s running Smoothieware, that is the problem. Smoothieware does not have any sort of instant stop or pause like Grbl does - it waits until the planning buffer is completely empty. That’s the next 32 moves, so if you are cutting rectangles, those moves can cover a lot of distance.

Don’t know how that go in to my profile, I’ve updated it now.
I don’t have smoothieware, it’s GRBL 1.1h.

1.1h? Is this a custom version of GRBL for a specific piece of hardware? 1.1g is the latest public version of GRBL I’m aware of.

No, it’s the latest release. It works fine with other programs.

Haha. Seems to be ok now, just reset the computer and tried again and it’s working. Sorry to bother you.

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