Paused job in LB but changing laser parameters has no effect upon resumingCheersn

Hi guys,
Question is in the title i guess. When pausing a job from LB (for testing and changing speed/power settings “on the fly”) I can change settings but there is no change on output once I hit “play” again.
I have to manually do it from the controller… no big deal really… but how can i do this from LB?

Short answer: you can’t.
When you start a job from LB it generates the entire path data (such as gcode or whatever your controller uses) and caches it in memory and then streams it to your laser. If you high pause all it does is pause that stream. Unpausing just starts it up again and does not regenerate the cut/engrave path data.
We don’t currently have any plans for that sort of feature exactly, though we have discussed allowing you to restart a job at a specific point in the cut/engrave path. So you could effectively do what you want. The process would just be stop instead of pause, then change settings, then restart while selecting where to start.
I recommend adding a feature request by following these directions: Voting System for New Feature Requests - Fider
It does help us prioritize work on new features.

I think the Ruida will allow you to pause and adjust settings from the control panel once the file is stored in the controller’s memory, so that may work for you. Use ‘Send’ instead of ‘Start’ to send the file to the controller vs streaming using ‘Start’.

My experience with Ruida is that you don’t even have to send it. I can pause a job with the control panel, change power or speed, and resume with those new settings.

Thanks guys, yes thats what I’m doing now… but I’ll try “send”
If i hit “start” it seems that when pausing/changing on the controller… after 3 times or so it won’t accept changes anymore.

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