Pay by credit card?

Hello, Im trying to purchase a license for the company I work for as we used the trial until expiration and like what the program offers. I have the company credit card but i only see payment options of digital transfer. And then no phone support so how does one buy a license for their company and not personal use?
please advise

I see these payment options listed on the site. Are you looking for something outside of this?

Did you do “Add to cart” and then checkout? Or did you do “Buy with Shop Pay”? Try the former.

thank you for your reply, i definitely didnt have all those options. using the add to cart and i used the link in the program to see if different(shop pay, paypal, G pay, meta pay, and venmo, that was it)
I ended up using the shop pay option and just used my personal email and the businesses information. we are licensed now.
thank you


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