Pc upgrade to new laptop

I need to upgrade my laptop…can I move the software and my camera alignment settings and library ect to my new pc or do I have to set it up all over again.

If you run LightBurn on the current machine and go to File > Open prefs folder, you can copy that file to a USB drive or similar.

On the new machine, after installing LightBurn, run it, open the prefs folder there too, and this part is important: quit LightBurn, then copy the file into that folder. LightBurn writes all the prefs when it shuts down, so if you don’t quit before you copy over the prefs, it’ll overwrite them.

The prefs file contains everything - window positions, device settings, and so on. Because of the window positions, if your monitor setup is different on the new machine you might have to hold the Shift key when starting LightBurn so it doesn’t try to restore the window layout. Try it first without, and if it works, you’re good. If the windows look funny or don’t show up, re-launch while holding the Shift key.

Cool…thanks so much

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