PDF Import Does Not Produce Results

I am using version 1.2.00 on a Windows 10 PC. I want to import the text contained in a pdf document. When I import the pdf file, nothing happens. Lightburn is still active - but nothing imports. I am unable to attatch a pdf as its not one of the file types this sites allows to be uploaded. Why can’t I import pdf files?

When you import something into Lightburn, use the zoom-to-frame-selection icon to ‘zoom to selection’.

If you load it and it’s ‘somewhere else’ on the work area this will zoom you to it.

There are certain file types the you can drag and drop.

If it’s “whatever.pdf” rename it to “whatever.pdf.txt”. That lets a user know it was originally a pdf and they can rename it.

You can’t upload videos, but you can put it on your google drive or similar, allow anyone with the link to read it and post the link here…

Good luck


Thanks for the suggestion to find the imported image / text with the “Zoom frame to selection” tool. When I try that, nothing gets selected and the zoom level does not change. I have renamed the test.pdf file to test.pdf.txt so I should be able to upload it…
test.pdf.txt (54.0 KB)

I believe LightBurn doesn’t import text from PDF or AI files. It does from SVG and DXF.

Nice point, never thought of that… I know some of my files are too small or large for it to show it after I load it.


There’s been a lot of movement in text support recently so could be wrong about the AI support but that’s my recollection at least.

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