PDF import is missing images and text


I am using version 0.9.09 and running into an issue to where PDF imports are failing to show text and images. A couple of things to note though are that the dimensions of the document do show up in lightburn properly, just blank. Also this PDF is being generated via some PHP code. If I had to guess the way the PDF is being built might be the problem. It’s just weird that I can see the content everywhere except lightburn. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

LightBurn generally doesn’t import text from anything at this point, because all the normal art tools offer a lot of options for text that we don’t support (multiple fonts in a single line, for example). Convert the text to curves and it’ll work as expected.

Images on the other hand, should work, though there are a few image formats and a couple embedding options that aren’t supported. We support the ‘Do’ operator referencing an Image object stored in the root object dictionary, as this is by far the most common format used.

If you can forward me an example of your generated file, I can look at supporting the options you’re using.

Hi Oz,

Thank you for the detailed response. Can I email you the file?

Yes a send to developer@lightburnsoftware.com, and include a link to this thread so I know what it’s for. Sometimes it takes a bit before I get back to something.

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