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I’m having some issues importing this PDF into lightburn. It seems that the file is sliced into a lot of sections. Is there a way to remove these sections without affecting the drawings? I tried to open it in illustrator and inkscape but still the same issue. Here is a link to the PDF below on my OneDrive account and a screen picture also.



This is just the way this file is constructed - it’s dozens of tiny images as horizontal strips. It looks like it was rendered out as images into a PDF from something that was probably vectors at one point, but they aren’t any more. The best suggestion I have is to try to ‘print it’ to a large bitmap that you could import and trace.

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Thanks Oz I’ll give that a try. I asked the person that sold me the pattern if he could export it as a vector but he’s not willing to do so, not sure why he won’t but I’ll try to work around it.

Oz, what can I use to print it as a bitmap image? I’ve tried in a few programs but only getting a pdf option. If I import the pdf into LB it shows as an image but the trace option doesn’t show up as an option, its dimmed out.

When it’s imported it’s not an image - it’s hundreds of them. If you un-group you’ll see it. I don’t know what you could use to print as an image. You might be able to use InkScape or Illustrator to export as an image.

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longwall01.lbrn (1.6 MB)
One of three traced but not edited versions of the PDF.
longwall02.lbrn (1.0 MB)
Part two
longwall03.lbrn (500.2 KB)
Part three.

As with all bitmap tracing, single lines now become double, circles are questionable, text gets interesting. I’m sure you can delete the rubbish and duplicate the stuff that looks like it will trend to an array anyway.

I can’t attest to the scale, because the PDF was stuffed into Paint Shop Pro and saved as an indeterminate PNG for the bitmap tracing. Now that it’s vector, it should be easy to manipulate it.

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Thank you Fred! I’ll check it out!

Thanks Ralph! I will check it out this afternoon.

Its a long wallet/biker wallet. I’m going to run some test cuts this afternoon. If it goes well I will defenitly maske you one!

How about these two files. Had to use two files because of file size upload limit.

Longwall 1.lbrn (2.1 MB) Longwall 2.lbrn (2.1 MB)

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