PDF includes extra art over bounds. How to remove?

I am trying to get this up and running. This workflow worked fine on the Epilog but learning Lightburn I am having trouble properly importing PDF files.

For instance, I export PDF from Adobe Illustrator. If I print on paper it looks exactly like the PDF does. Not extra artwork hangin off the sides.

However, when I import into Lightburn, all this other artwork comes with and I need to know how to not have that happen. Messing around with boolean operations to trim the excess is not a scalable workflow.

How can this be achieved?

If all the shapes that go out of bounds are closed, using Boolean Intersection would do what you want. With any open shapes, the only answer at present would be to manually break the shapes at the boundary using node editing.

I know I just have sooooo many topographic layers. I have 8 topographic layers on this world map, each with 12 art boards coming from Adobe AI.

I really want to avoid doing booleans operations multiple times on 96 files. especially since they are grouped. That’s hundreds of clicks per file.

I really think there should be a way for the software to see that it is out of bounds and ignore it.

Are we sure there isn’t another work around?

The issue is that PDF’s exported from AI are including all the stuff outside the artboard in the file, and just not showing it to you because it’s relatively easy to do as ‘paint’ but much harder to do as operations on the shapes.

We will have a way of clipping an entire design to a boundary (it’s a planned feature) but it’s not done yet.

If you save as legacy AI format does it behave any different?

I am open to trying anything at this point as this is the only issue preventing us from using the software and completing the project.

I agree that AI is the ultimate cause. I have a separate thread over there: https://community.adobe.com/t5/illustrator/how-to-crop-svg-amp-pdf/m-p/11123646?page=1#M176445

Moving forward, clipping an entire design to a boundary is EXACTLY what we need. Can we help you in anyway do this?

Do you know of anyway to remove the extra artwork and lines from the PDF or SVG?

What format do you suggest as legacy from AI?

The ‘lowest form’ of AI file is AI 3.0. That is incredibly simple, so it might clip because I’m not even sure it included art boards at that point.

AI 2020 format with compression enabled isn’t supported by LightBurn yet, so it just falls back to the PDF preview content, so if you save with ‘Use Compression’ turned off you’re getting the ‘true AI’ content from the file. Try one of each just to see if it works - I can’t say that it will, but it’s worth trying.

What is the source art (topographic layers) you are working with? In Illustrator CC they provide both a raster crop along with the pathfinder tool for vector editing/cropping. What version of AI are you using?

If you are an experienced C/C++ programmer familiar with Qt and 2D geometry, trigonometry, and algebra, possibly. Otherwise, probably not. :slight_smile: (this is in no way intended to belittle, by the way, it’s just a complicated problem - it will happen, and we’ve had a bunch of internal discussions about it already - likely for the 1.0 release)

Don’t have Illustrator to try this to confirm, but a google search turned up this as a possible solution. You could position the correct parts of the desired results inside an appropriately sized artboard and use the export process described in the post below.

Hello Everyone

If you want to export Only artboard area in illustrator CC.

Go to Export> Export As >Check “Use Artboards”.

And choose desired formate. And then Click On Export.


Hi Rick, I am using Adobe AI CC 2020. Just updated.

I am willing to share the PDF to see if we can all do this together. Here is the link. If you use Preview it looks fine. But when you drag it into Lightburn there is extra stuff. https://drive.google.com/file/d/18ftEyo2R7n0xZ40uyrL3a6QWT6ayuANT/view?usp=sharing

Oz, I can program but probably not at that level. I feel awkward having to ask for a feature that should already exist but I mean more like donate. We have a brand new laser and a top notch project but can’t seem to find any software (AI included) that is capable of working. We had an Epilog laser that could handle this workflow just fine but C19 shut down the makerspace so here we are…

Moving forward I really feel like there is a way to do this in either Lightburn and/or AI. It’s wild how after 20 years of Adobe there isn’t a way to clamp an artboard and ONLY export that art. Baffling. Still trying…

Did you get a chance to try the process I linked? Here is a video explaining the same.

Export only what’s inside artboard in Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 ~ https://youtu.be/tDuH1WSv9Qs

I think this example produces a png file. As I said, I don’t have Illustrator to test this, but you do. :wink: Does this process also provide for other export file formats? What would be your ideal format to work with, Vector or Raster?

Hi Rick,

Having AI will be essential to assisting in the original export as we are deep in nuances of exporting. I have been up and down the basic tree and what you referenced will not work.

The problem is that although you can follow those steps, and although it might look correct in Adobe Acrobat, or even print correctly on a paper printer, once imported into Lightburn (or god forbid RDWorks…) the deep and hidden groups of connected lines and other art are expressed. Since there are sooooo maaaany layers I really an’t spend the next week individually clicking them, boolean, and removing them by hand. It must be done at a higher level.

However, you don’t really need AI to simulate the frustration. Download the PDF in the link. Drag into Lightburn. Then you will see the discord.

If you have some cropping solution up you sleeve for rectifying the lines and shapes that pop-up once dragged into Lightburn then you are the new hero. If not. I’ll be here until we do.

Thanks all!

OK, I do understand and have no doubt the PDF is not truly cropped. As mentioned, we will provide a solution within LightBurn, but as Oz says, “…it will happen, and we’ve had a bunch of internal discussions about it already - likely for the 1.0 release”

Ralph, you are bringing tears to my eyes.

Tell me more please…

Will this work with a Ruida 644XS controller based laser?

I have both. I see there is a free download. Downloading now.

GIF is a little compressed. What function is that, trim?

Also, it looks like this is not able to import a PDF. Is this true?

Coreldraw loads the file like you want it and you can save as ai v8 that imports nicely into lightburn.
Still do not understand why you not trim inside adobe as it is your artwork.

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If this were easy to do in AI I would have. In fact I did. And now I have a working workflow.

Checking out CorelDraw currently…

Yup, CorelDraw does a pretty great job and cropping out that extra stuff! Thanks Enno this is a great tip!

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