Pendant for Lightburn

I finished building and testing a Pendant for my Shapeoko XXL/ GRBL machine, and it makes jogging the spindle around and getting it set to zero a whole bunch easier.

So I was playing with Lightburn and was moving the laser around and framing the burn moving back and forth from the computer to the laser when I thought, “Wouldn’t this be easier if I made a Lightburn version Pendant?”

I want to move the laser around, (X/Y/Z), fire the laser, both square and circle frames, etc.

So I started poking around looking for keystrokes that would give me external access to the button controls. I couldn’t find anything. I obviously need to look someplace different for possible keyboard commands.

You can jog with the NumPad, I recommend checking out this thread: Numpad mask to control Ruida

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