Perfect -1mm X Origin Shift At The End of This Job, Every Time

At the end of this job, the laser goes to the origin, but -1mm in the X. So then the next job or layer will start offset my 1mm.

It doesn’t happen in the middle of the job. It seems to happen when going back to origin.

I believe my acceleration settings are reasonable (see attached). The motor appears to have plenty of current / strength. The gantry isn’t bent / seizing.

If you engrave a 50 x 50 mm square, does it come out at exactly 50mm and square?

Squares are better than circles for debugging

Yes, dimensionally I am not having issues. The issue is that the laser is losing 1mm worth of steps at the end of the job, or choosing to home -1mm for some reason.

Try running the job without the return to origin.
Does it still have the offset?

Do all jobs have this issue or just this one?

Also try changing your homing offset so that it is say 10mm from the actual home position on that axis. That will help rule out some kind of mechanical issue with the process of homing.

I made a troubleshooting mistake. Each successive pass was perfectly offset by 1mm, which I concluded to mean that the shift must have been happening at the end of the job. I now realize that seems to just mean that it is losing steps at the exact same spot(s) in the file every time.

So i’m trying to track down where those points are to see if there are any suspect looking trajectories. It looks like it happens once first here.

FWIW, i found that I had “Reduce Travel Moves” and “Reduce Direction Changes” disabled under Lightburn optimization settings. Enabling them has so far cured this job. Will update if it rears its head again.

Here are the before and after optimization results.

Your machine should go to the same spot, every time, without fail. If it isn’t, it’s not down to travel moves or direction changes.

Check your pinion grub screws.

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