Perforation mode instead of line

When rotary is enabled instead of a solid line laser is doing perforation line, perforation mode is off, windows 11, cohesion board,smoothieware ,using A axis for rotary, lightburn 1.2.04 also in perforation mode in cut settings it is showing 0.10 if i zero it it changes back to 0.10.

Update the dash lines are only on y direction, x direction is a solid line when using rotary.

The solution to the problem i was having is to turn off reduce smoothieware pause delay in device settings it is working right with this turned off while using rotary.

Is your home-built laser similar to the K40 in terms of stepper motors and drive wheels? I’m glad you got it solved and I’d really like to know you got there.

I am using the psu from my k40,cohesion board, smoothieware, latest version of Lightburn, windows 11, steppers are 0.9 with 20 tooth pulley GT2 belts linear rail on x, v slot wheels on y changing to linear rail after new year, with rotary enabled laser was acting like a 3d printer does in vase mode with pwr loss recovery function on where the printer will do a layer and pause for a split second then resume, the laser works normal with rotary off, with the fix i posted off laser performs correct in rotary.

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