Perforation Mode Question

Hello, I am wondering if it would be possible to use perforation mode to keep parts lightly attached to the frame? Maybe set it to a 10 or 15? (I assume the setting is MM). I’m planning on selling kits and don’t want a bag of loose parts but rather a flatpack kit.

Any other suggestions to make this happen or will I need to just edit it in Corel Draw?

Thank you in advance.

Perforation mode works well for that. If you use a long Cut value and a short Skip value, like 50 and 0.5, it will cut 50mm, then skip 0.5mm, and so on. If the shape being cut isn’t long enough to fit the specified cut length, it will do the skip first, so you’re guaranteed to always get one. The gaps will display in the preview too (though you may have to zoom in to see them if the skip value is short).

I don’t seem to have any other options bar one for Perforation mode.

You have Cut, and immediately below it, Skip. Both of those controls are enabled when you turn on Perforation mode, or Dot mode, and their names change.

You also appear to be using an older version (0.9.04 I would guess). We’ve just released 0.9.05 (and 0.9.06 as a small patch).

I check for updates every day as a matter of course and it says no updates. I am using 9.04. Do I need to manually update it?

After update I still only one option.

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