Permanent Layers

Is it possible to have layers stay in the Cuts panel even after deleting the file? It would be easier for me to track what color means what that way.

No, but you can name the layers, and if you hover the mouse over the colors along the bottom, it will show the names:


Alright, thanks! While not ideal it will do.
I do have another question: is it possible to change the layers color or do you have to manually copy all the settings?

LightBurn colors are fixed and can not be changed if that is what you are asking. You can copy a layers settings and apply them to another using the layer ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’ buttons on the right side, near the bottom, of the ‘Cuts’ window. Your question is not very clear. Is this what you are asking about?


Sorry, but yes, that’s what I was asking. It didn’t cross my mind that those icons would copy the settings. Thanks for the help!

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