Perpendicular lines

This has been discussed before. Haven’t found an answer.

Given a line drawn at any angle, how can I choose a point along that line and draw a perpendicular to it?

  1. Draw your first line.
  2. Duplicate it.
  3. Rotate second line 90 degrees.
  4. Drag 2nd line along first line and left click.

If you want to be specific in the distance from an endpoint of a line,

  1. Draw a circle with a radius that is the distance from endpoint you want.
  2. Break the circle into 4 quadrants.
  3. Trim out a part of the quadrant that intersects the line. You now have an endpoint to snap to.
  4. Drag the 2nd line to the intersection of the remaining quadrant and first line.

this must be a workable solution :+1:

Yes I know I can do that. However, seems a bit convoluted. This is a common requirement that LB should be able to handle.

Degrees of rotation in LB are reversed. Degrees are always measured counterclockwise from 0. LB does it clockwise. Look at a protactor.

I tend to agree with you on this point, and maybe a setting could be made to allow for inputting positive angles without a minus sign. I have been using that “convoluted” technique in CAD for a long time, except you don’t have to break the circle apart, and trim out part of the quadrant. You still end up with same result, but more steps in Lightburn.

I would be more concerned about basic drafting functions like blending a radius between an arc and a line, blending a radius between 2 arcs, drawing a specified radius between tangent lines/arcs, and drawing a circle tangent to 3 entities. Throw in drawing a circle from a centerpoint too.

Lightburn doesn’t purport to be a CAD program. Lightburn is CAD/CAM software for running lasers, with the emphasis on CAM. There are plenty of people who only use Lightburn for a design platform. I couldn’t do it, but that takes nothing away from the people that do, and make decent money doing so.

I don’t run a laser with Lightburn, and use it for its import and export of SVG, export of AI, and import of DXF. These Lightburn does very well. For the bang for your buck, Lightburn is a decent bargain.

Perpendicular is 90° rotated from a line (of any angle).

I can show you like this:

  • Draw a line

  • With node editing, insert a node on the line (hovering on the line and pressing I) where you are choosing to intersect with its perpendicular self:

  • Select the line, press CTRL-D to duplicate the line, then enter 90 in the rotation control:

  • With the selection control on (that’s this image ) hover over the perpendicular clone of the line until you find the snap point of that node you inserted:

  • Pick up the line from that node (select the line while the snap icon is showing that node snap), and move it to the corresponding node of your original line:

On this concept, @RalphU offers a great suggestion. There is also the approach of using the radius of a circle and snapping. For example, if you wanted the intersection to be at 6 inches, draw a 12 inch circle. Use the center snap of the circle to snap it to the end point of the line. Now your intersection on the line is the 6 inch radius. Now picking up the line from the node, the snap will happen on the side of the circle:

Issue with this method. I can create the perpendicular just fine. However, when resizing the length it will not maintain the proper angle.

Try it. Do as you showed and then resize the line to .25"

I did, and recorded it for you to see that it works for me. Also, take note that for this video, I used the line tool to measure the angle (see status bar below the layers when I draw overlapping lines for measuring angles).

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