Phillips Argon KTP Model 300 Laser Safety Glasses

I am looking to purchase good safety glasses for my Ortur diode laser and found these. They seem like a great choice but am looking for feed back.


See if we can get @anon88048707 on board here. I think he’s the safety glass person…

You can also search the site for safety glasses…


I did search and did read the topics. Don’t like the ones at Amazon.

I’m in the same boat as you, looking for some good quality glasses (just for a laser I haven’t yet purchased), and everything I read says Amazon and Ebay aren’t reliable. From my (limited) research, Eagle Pair glasses seem very reputable and good quality without being too pricy. This is the pair I’m looking at:

Interested to see what you end up going with. The ones you linked look pretty protective and good quality (again, from my limited research).

One thing to consider is the shape of the glasses, it’s no use having a good lens with OD6 or more and letting the light through the side when you turn your head (or even underneath when you look up). I had already spent it on a good pair of glasses and I realized how much it did that… I recently bought another one that completely blocks the light from the sides, I am now satisfied with this one.

My answer to Patrick was in relation to the shape of the glasses presented in the link posted by him… of all the models on the page I would only trust this one: Argon KTP
The others, don’t even think about it… none of these glasses advertised suggests (and it couldn’t be different) that there will be light leakage from the sides or below the lenses, and they certainly will, just by looking at the shape of the models.
People enter the site, choose and buy, they don’t notice these details, just as I didn’t notice it the first time, now I have the misfortune of having a pair of glasses that I paid more for and I don’t use.
It doesn’t matter if the glasses were prescribed by the ophthalmologist of the Queen of England, if they are like the one, it will be dangerous.

You sent me a Personal Message showing that you were offended by what was said in my post, but that was not my intention, even because my reply was directed to Patrick. My intention is always to help others.

The most reputable person and company I know. He actually tests every safety item he sells.

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Thank you everyone for your responses. I ordered the Goggles from Phillips. Will report back after I receive them.

I did actually choose the Goggles model. I know at least from my time in the trades 30 years plus that goggles offer some of the best protection. I will however admit they are not my first choice usually because of them constantly fogging up. I think for me in this situation though they make the most sense for peace of mind. I am a little on the paranoid side about eye safety and lasers. That’s again for all the thoughtful replies.