Photo Cutout Workflow

Trying to come up with a workflow for cutting out parts of an image. If I have an image in Photoshop and I remove the background, even with a vector mask I am having issues cutting the shape of the subject. When I import into Lightburn it wants to cut the entire rectangular shape of the image and not the masked outline.

I can get it to work fine in Illustrator but not Photoshop. I am cutting the shape out of acrylic and then UV printing the rear mirrored. Here is an example using Illustrator.

You say “I can get it to work fine in Illustrator” - what are you referring to here, exactly?

Illustrator is a vector graphics package, dealing natively with curves and shapes. Photoshop, on the other hand, ultimately produces a grid of pixels with color. Illustrator would be the more correct tool for the job, though either could technically be made to work, like this: Cutting a detailed image

I have a Raster image in Photoshop that I want to put a vector mask around the subject so I can laser cut the Vector mask.

You would need to export that mask in a format that LightBurn can read. If you can export the mask shape as an AI file, that would work.

Thanks, I will give that a try.

I suggest that you print a sheet of ducks on the acrylic then cut the printed ducks from the sheet with the laser. That is more efficient than individual processing.

There are several indexing methods making this completely accurate including a robust print and cut feature in lightburn.

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