Photo editing for lightburn

I have photoshop and I’m wondering if that is good for prepping photos for engraving in lightburn or are their specific programs designed just for laser engraving that would be better. Your thoughts would be welcome. Thanks

If you have Photoshop and are proficient in using it, you are covered. Generally you need to be able to deal with the limited gray scale dynamic range of your laser/material combo and be able to compress or expand your photos to best fit that range. There are plenty of “lesser” image processing softwares that can easily deal with images to be laser etched and sometimes the fewer features make it easier to use.

thanks for the reply, I would’nt consider myself proficient at it but I get by.

I’ve found getting the ‘range’ of the image critical… I use gimp to dodge/burn in an attempt to ‘even’ it out…

There is a nice site that will ‘pre process’ photos called Imag-R. It has many options. Usually it creates the ‘dither’ pattern and you set your layer to ‘pass-through’.

I and many have found the lightburn ‘photo’ editing in Lightburn to be quite sufficient for most photos.

Just keep in mind the limitations with graphics and lasers… Be patient with your learning… This is probably the most difficult operation to do…

Good luck…


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thank you for the info.

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