Photo engraving marble

Anyone here do proper photo engraving on marble (not granite)?
None of that overblown, over-sharpened, thick edges sort of thing.

I’m trying to work out a system from ground up how its done properly.
Setting scan gaps, resolution of image, black levels in editing, etc, etc.
What are the basic steps necessary to achieve good dither for marble.

Don’t have much samples to play with, cant experiment forever.

Doing flat graphics is pretty easy, but photos ?..

Running 80W tube with Ruida6442.

P.S. Dear Mr. Sadler, please (pretty please?) do youtube series on engraving stone :smiley:

I have done some engraving with an Epilogue Summit at about 15 watts power, on both marble and granite tiles. I haven’t had good results yet with my 60 watt Ruida laser, as I think I have too much power to make the fine details. I want to apply some of the ideas that I have read here, and try again.
These were done about 5 years ago, and they have been outside all this time. I used oil paint in the tubes, and it has faded.

Here is one that was done for a brother who got killed on his motorcycle.

I dont suppose you remember the settings you used ? Scan gaps ? resolutions of pics etc ?
I came up with the test for scan gap for photo engraving, havent tried it yet. Just a checker pattern scaled to match different scan intervals to see when individual dots will become discernable on a workpiece. When i determine that i can start working on editing photos to suit the material i did the test on. Thats the general idea anyway. See if it works.
I want to achieve what Mr Sandler was doing on paper, but on marble instead.