Photo engraving on Walnut

Has anyone had success doing some photo engraving on black walnut? I’ve tried with very poor results. I have a 10W diode laser. TIA

Walnut is generally a poor wood to photo engrave. I’ve never had good success with it. Generally, etched lines work well. Photos work much better on light and fine grain woods, such as Maple, Hickory, Birch, Alder, Ash …

How would you rate mahogany for engraving suitability? I’ve had my machine up and running for about two days and mahogany is the only wood I’ve tried engraving so far, and that’s just because it was what I grabbed more or less at random from Home Depot. The results have been pretty good with line drawings.

I’ve used Mahogany for inlays and I also have done a few engraved mazes in Mahogany. I have no experience with photos on that material. MY “thing” is mainly inlays and line engravings.

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Only photo I’ve done on Walnut, turned out okay. This was a 60w CO2.

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