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I am pleased with the results of this engrave however, something that someone who is a photo engrave expert said to me, is still perplexing me and I can’t find any topic relating to this in Lightburn or on google so hoping I get some helpful answers here.
This expert engraver said, “A picture that is perfected will feel smooth to the touch.” This photo except for the hair and the other very dark areas does feel smooth. So my questions are, “Is smoothness on the entire photo an indication of a good quality burn?” If so, what would you recommend I adjust? Here are my current settings:
Line Interval: .079
DPI: 321.50
Contrast: 24
Brightness: -24
Gamma: .8
Enhanced Radius: 20
Enhanced Amount: 200
Speed: mm/mn 1143
Power: 20

Thanks for your help!

Forgot to mention: Machine is a Atomstack S10 Pro

Is he talking a B&W glossy photo? lol

The effect of the laser is to destroy the material in a controlled way. I have a co2 and the use of ‘grayscale’ does a 3d type image on the material. How deep you engrave gives you changes in how the image appears to the user.

You cannot ‘mark’ some materials without leaving something you can ‘feel’. The fingers being very accurate down do very small variations.

You might ask this ‘person’ what he engraves on have him show you how to do it ‘right’

The only thing that’s tough to feel, but you still can, is TiO2 and some of the coatings like LBT100.

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Hi, Thanks for your reply. He is not referring to B & W Glossy or I would have mentioned that fact. I am referring to wood as shown in the picture I attached. So, if anyone out there who engraves photos on wood such as maple, please let me know your thoughts based on the detailed settings I shared. Thanks!

You missed the ‘lol’ To mark wood you have to ‘burn’ it to some degree. If you want much of a variation you will feel it. A laser damages the material… not matter what the material

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I think you will find reducing the contrast will help smooth the photo out somewhat, but it won’t have as much punch. I think the only way to get a smooth photo on wood is to have a soft image and or engrave lightly. The only way to achieve black is to burn away the wood and that’s going to leave a different depth.

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With results like that I would not worry about what the experts opinion. It looks like you nailed it to me.


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