Photo Engraving Test File

In addition to my dot test pattern, I also created an engraving test file. I wanted something small that would run relatively quickly but still show me what kind of tonal range I’m getting. Here’s the file I created. It’s at a native 508 pixels per inch.

Here’s what I’m getting…

Sorry, above photo looks just slightly out of focus on the engraving.

That’s quite a bit of detail for an area that small. It was engraved at 508dpi/.05 interval. I think I’m getting just the slightest bit of overburn. The entire thing is a little less than 4x2.25 inches. Stucki dither. No adjustments to the shape properties.

For comparison, I’d really like to see someone with one of the new Beam Buddy lenses run this same image on card stock, not a binary material like anodized aluminum or painted tile or acrylic.



What are your settings on this burn.
% of x-watt

Cheers :wine_glass:


70 watt nominal (60 watt) tube, 100mm/s, 15% power. The lens is Russ’ compound engraving lens setup.

Is it this one



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Yep, that’s it.

I have ordered one of these for glass engraving. What size focus lenses would each one of those in the diagram be. Also does it matter if the are meniscus or Plano lenses?. And would I need another lens further up also what roughly would be the distance between nosel and work? Sorry for all the questions.

excellent, thanks