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Can any one give me a hint about this burning on cork
I tried severl settings, but the latest Atkinson Spd 3500 Pwr 60% gives me a picture on the cork. The picture on the LB is lighter than the burned picture
I enclosed 2 pics #1 is on the LB svreen # 2 is burned
I have tried different settings, with no luck…
please advise me

I don’t have much experience working with cork but just from looking at the burn I suspect cork may be a difficult material to get a detailed burn.

Here are some suggestions to try to improve clarity and burn gradation.

  1. Run an interval test to determine ideal DPI for cork. I suspect cork would require a larger line interval than more consistent materials
  2. Check out the dot width correction field in the image settings. This is meant to reduce overburn by accounting for the actual size of a burned dot rather than assuming that it’s equivalent to the DPI dot size.
  3. After tuning the above I suggest trying a different image mode than Atkinson. Looks like Atkinson is overemphasizing the dark tones and losing the mid tones resulting in overburn and losing detail. Perhaps going to a more coarse dithering strategy would work better, perhaps even newsprint or halftone but not certain.

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