Photo on Stainless steel with Cermark

Did anyone do some photo engraving/marking on SS using Cermark? I’am trying it now but no luck untill now. So if anyone has some expirence and willing to share it be welkom!

Don’t use Cermark, but have a couple cans of LBT100

I think they are pretty much the same animal. Have not tried to do photos per se, but have had good results with engraving 254lpi designs.

What are the issues? I’m sure using a photo will greatly enhance the difficulty involved.

How thick/thin of a coat can you get?

The other side image using ‘stucki’


Looks very nice !! I will see if i can get it in the Netherlands. I have to make a pictute on a SS plaat with a thikniss of 3 mm

How much power and speed have set the machine on? I have a 90 watt lasertube.

My ‘library’ says 250mm/s 70/15%. I have a 50 watt China Blue. I did tweak the lps so the power level might need to be increased a bit.

Thickness is not a worry, it bonds it molecularly to the stainless, so there is far less heat that could melt it.

The thinner the layer of the LBT100 the better. Lower power required and higher dpi. The cannabis leaf is at 254 dpi. Probably could have gone to a higher dpi…

I imagine all of these coatings operate in a similar fashion.


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