Photo on wood testing

I have a c02 laguna laser 150w. Just need some input on this sample…trying to engrave photos on wood. I ran the darker sample at 350 speed, 30% power, and dpi 254. I gave the image a light sanding afterwards. Also used the shape property settings : .065 for gamma, 5 contrast, 2 brightness, 20 ER, and 200 EA. I did not run it through I used the lightburn software. And my image mode was jarvis.

Just my 2 cents
I think your power is a little too high
Also, I like the images on the lighter side
Try taking the dpi down to 200

Forgot to mention, sanding with anything less than 600 grit ruins the image. Use a block of wood with sanding medium wrapped over it

I really appreciate it, I am just in the beginning stages of figuring my machine out and was getting frustrated and stuck not knowing which settings to adjust to improve

You Didn’t say what wood
It seems lighter veneer on such as Baltic Birch, gives a better rendering for photos
You are beginning with the hardest subject
Try a clip art image. Will make you feel better. Lol
Sweet little girls BTW.