PiBurn Rotary Experience

I’m looking at LensDigital’s PiBurn rotary system. Anyone have any experience with the hardware?

I have one and it works well. It holds cups well and clamp system is nice.

Had to set my Circle Pulse to 12750 for my laser (Boss LS3655)

Thanks Chris. I have a Boss 2440. Just wondering how did you come up with Circle Pulse of 12750? Did you have problems! Is not 12500 suitable?

12500 for the circle pulse seemed to squish my Y axis.

I ran this test file I made and engraved on paper wrapped around a cup and adjusted the Circle pulse until I got the exact size that it should be. In the PI Burn instructions his diameter setting is 62 to 63mm depending on orings, etc. I just set my to 63.30 and circle pulse of 12750 and my target measured correctly.
The circle is 2" dia and the lines are 2.5" long

Test Target for Rotary.lbrn (29.1 KB)


Thanks Chris, I appreciate your input. If I have problems I will get back to you.

Just finished a run of tumbler and it turned out great. The PiBurn is a great rotary!!!

Glad it is working well for you. I have had very good luck running it. What did you settle on for circle pulse and diameter ?

Just what you recommend seems to work well.

Have any users here paired this machine with a Chinese laser and if so what is your satisfaction level?

Here is a link for other users who might be interested in this tool attachment


Len (the maker of this) is great to get information from. I think he has them for many different machines.

@cbyrd thank you for your reply and information on the maker.
Quick question is Len a member here?



I am not sure. Here is his contact page.

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@cbyrd appreciate the information you posted

I have for the longest time been eyeing the quality of the Trotec rotary device for its build quality

However after seeing Lens Pi 2.0 build I feel it is the superior product to Trotec.
I will reach out to him to find out which one we need and order in time before our arrival of our Green Machine

Cheers and Thank You very much

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