Picture clean up again.... is there a tutorial?

Hi Guys, I am back with a new image. I reviewed all of the previous chats I had with regard this topic. I used some external software and then tried lightburn to adjust the image. I have gotten the image down form 6hrs down to 3 hrs - but somehow I feel like I have a couple of issues: First the background eraser utility in my 3rd party software causes the text to look like it has spots instead of being solid. I wanted to remove the background because I thought it would be faster to run it in Lightburn. So I decided because it didn’t look good to try Lightburn Image Adjustment and I also tried different types of Image Modes and the lowest I could get down to was 3 hrs and change. I am thinking it is because of the background. I will include the original image here as well as the file from lightburn as well…

send to forum version.lbrn (229.7 KB)

If you can point me to some training that will allow me to better understand what is going on it would be appreciated. If you have ideas on the best way to work with this text (he wants that font so I kept is as an image) he also wants the flourishes on the left side so I figured easiest to keep as an image … Thanks.

I downloaded your LightBurn file and examined the image. It is generous to say that the image resolution is poor. It’s bad enough that very little can be done to reproduce it in a readable form.

Do you have the original document? If so, consider to scan it at an impossibly high resolution, perhaps 600 dpi or even four times that. Doing so should reduce the pixelation currently in the image of your file.

If you don’t have the original, your next best bet is to attempt to find the font and type it in, but some of the special characters within the text may be problematic.

I’m hoping that you have the original and get a better image from which to start.

Thank You Fred. I only have a digital copy of the file in colour that was emailed to me (Lo-Res) …I will try to find a higher resolution copy

The search results for Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “If” returns plenty of versions, some in contemporary typeface, a few in older forms, but none if any resolution suitable for laser use.

One of the apps I use has a resize function so I bumped up the size and resolution to 600 DPI and then used an online site to remove the background so I now have a workable image to burn into slate. The size of the slate I will use is 7.5 x 15.5 … I will upload an image once I have it burned. Thanks to all for the reviews and responses! It is very much appreciated - I find it odd that you can get tunnel vision when working on a project and I did not even consider resolution because I was too busy looking for harder stuff I guess… Thank You for the nudge in the right direction.

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