Picture Engraving Calibration

Hi guys,

Probably the information is allready stored somewhere, but as a complete newbie i don’t know the vocabulary to pull up the right thread.

I’m trying to engrave a picture, i did some test runs on a small part of it which all went fine, but all of the sudden there’s a callibration problem. I’ve done full engraving projects before, so it’s a mystery to me why this got disalligned…

I added some pictures to clarify and the engraving specs.

Can someone point me in the right direction to recalibrate?

Thanks in advance!

This looks like your system is skipping or jumping mechanically. You may want to double-check belt tension, loose screws for mounting hardware, pinions and gears are in good condition, and so on.

It kind of looks like your X axis is not perpendicular to the Y axis. Is this a diode Laser? If it is, when the laser is in the Home position, measure the left side stopper on its most forward position. Now measure the right side. They should be the same. If they’re not then while holding the left side in place move the right side whichever direction is needed to make the distance the same. You will hear and feel a click for each tooth you move over.

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