Picture logo help question

The picture I have posted here I would like to turn it into a company logo but everything i try it just does not work. I tried the trace function but it misses so much detail. What are my other options once I get it to a final proof I can always use it. It would be engrave only on wood.

Thanks for any help.


You could just engrave it as an image, but if you’re trying to simplify it, your best option is manually re-drawing it. This kind of image, with subtle shading, doesn’t lend itself well to automatic tracing.

I wanted it to look like a sketch no shadeing.

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Spend $5 and and turn it to a vector then you can scale it up and down all you want I’m sure you will want to engrave It big at some time in the future.

Best money you will spend.

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Thanks SAS I will give him a try.


Thanks Sas,
i used sead mujanovic his turn around was 1 day and the work was just what i wanted.


Glad it worked out. Do show and tell. Let’s see what you logo looks like. I am very curious :bulb:… how much did he end up charging you?

sprite.lbrn (271.2 KB)

I gave him $25.00 for his time.
Thanks again for the information.