Pinewood Derby Trophy Plaques

It’s Pinewood Derby time which means it’s also “scrounge up some old trophies, refurbish them, and make new plaque tags for them.”

I tried uploading the LBRN file to share but Discourse gave me the “new users can’t upload attachments” yarn, but it’s pretty simple: put some text in a rectangle, make the text a scan and the rectangle a cut, order them scan first then cut, voila.

These are approximately 25mm x 75mm, which works well for the type of trophies we find ourselves in possession of.

If you are looking to drum up business, volunteering to help cub scout packs with trophy tags is a great way to network with the kind of people that need to make things like plaques and trophies pretty often.


  • K40 upgraded with Cohesion3d K40 replacement board and GRBL-LPC
  • LightBurn software


  • Cut: 100mm/sec, 100% power, 4 passes, doesn’t cut all the way through the adhesive backing paper but that’s fine with me. Much slower and the edges melt.
  • Scan: 300mm/sec, 100% power.
  • Laser is set to 15mA max power.


  • IPI Laser Engravers Advantage Peel N Stick Brushed Gold/Black .022" Engraving Plastic with Adhesive (Johnson Plastics Plus SKU LZ7548A)

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