Pint Glasses with Atomstack R3 Roller - sliding down

I have a Atomstack a20 pro, and a R3 roller. When I try to run Pint Glasses, they slide down when the rollers are moving.

  1. I have tried with the Roller Stand with the bottom of the glass raised (To Get the top surface to burn level). The glass just slides off the roller stand. I have tried tape, rubber bandd, to no avail.
  2. I put a wedge under the R3 to tilt the whole unit, and put the roller stand against the top of the glass, it holds the glass there but will jerk or move while burning.

Anyone find a solution? Is there a #3 I am missing?

perhaps a chuck style rotary for those odd shaped tumblers would be better suited…

I cut some plywood rings that fit the bottom of the glass firmly and the outside large enough to level the pint glass. Not perfect but better. My A20 and Atomstack R3 roller do not work very well together. It’s a struggle to get decent looking results, so I don’t use the roller very often. Everything seems to walk on the roller no matter what I try. The Atomstack chuck style rotary does not appear very robust, so I hesitate to make that investment.

Good luck,

decent work around… There has to be a better rotary to suit your needs out there. Sometimes rolling with what you got is the best in the short term. Nice work on a quick fix.

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I bought the R3 roller and did not find it very useful. The rotary chuck is a much better design. Especially if you are engraving products that have a tapered design. Ive been doing wine glasses, glass tumblers, and stainless steel travel mugs for a while and it does the job

Those projects look great, well done!
I took the plunge and bought an Atomstack chuck style rotary. Just tried it on a few small items and it works well for them. HOWEVER, longer/larger items tend to be very difficult to hold and keep level. The unit is just not very robust. It is smallish and the lockdown for the angle adjustment mechanism just won’t hold any weight.
All that said, I will just have to stick to smaller projects. A wise man said said “work with what you have.” So I will.