Place columns issue?

This may be simple. Is there a way to reduce my sizing “place columns”? When i go into lightburn and i want to see sizing, it shows the decimal point, the tenths, hundredths and even the thousandths column. I dont need that many places. It should automatically go to the ones and tens columns as a default and only go the way it currently does when you type in an odd number (ex:44.095) which i would never do anyways.

Interesting. Where in LightBurn would you prefer to manage the displayed precision of the sizing? Would you mind sharing a screen capture of the information that you find troubling or problematic?

I think what Bobby is talking about is “Decimal Places”. I guess he is saying that a preference setting to show just 1 decimal place, even though the underlying math works as it should.

I remember doing some programming in FileMaker. It could show you 1 decimal place (or more) but when you highlighted the input box, you would see the actual number to 4 or more decimals etc. Not sure what sort of advantage this preference would be though, maybe just a cleaner UI.

This topic is being talked about in another discussion. You can delete if you like. Basically why would i need to see anything to the right of the decimal point as the default window display for the sizing? If i am burning an image on a 4inx4in square, why would i need to see that it is trying to burn on a .0375 burn area? The whole number is completely cut off. Doesnt make sense

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