Place two shapes side by side

I feel really dumb right now but I can’t figure out, in a simple way, how to place two shapes next to each other with the edges perfectly aligned.

To achieve this, I drew the shapes, aligned them horizontally and resorted to mathematics to calculate where the center of the second shape would be knowing the both individual shapes dimensions and exact position of the first one through the value in the toolbar (upper left corner).

First shape - Width 36.7, center pos. 140

Second shape - Width 25.2, center pos. 180

Doing the math the center of the second shape is 170.95
And this is how I solve the problem. But I am convinced there is a tool or other way to achive the same but in a much easier way.

Can anyone bring the light to me? :roll_eyes:

I just use the arrow keys to move it zooming all the way in to get it as close as possible or overlap depending on what I am doing.

I think the easiest approach in this case is to use object snapping.

  1. hover your mouse pointer over the corner of one of the shapes until the pointer changes to a reticle with 4 lines
  2. click, then drag the shape to a corner of the other shape. The shape should snap when sufficiently close.
  3. release mouse

This depends on “Snap to objects” being enabled in Edit->Settings.

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Thank you @Wyked
Of couse I can do that too. But what I’m looking for is a way without having to zoom and even so, after all the adjustments, I miss a millimeter or even less than that. I think there is a simple way, kind of an alignment tool as those we use to align shapes left ou right, up, down or centre. Just select the shapes you need to be alined, click on the tool and you know immediately they are aligned.

Alternate to the method described above you could do the following. Let’s assume you want to align the left shape to the right.

  1. select both shapes
  2. align top or bottom as you see fit. If shapes are equal heigh then align horizontal center would also work
  3. select left shape
  4. Go to menu Arrange->Dock->Dock right
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Thank you @berainlb
Alternate to the method described above you could do the following. Let’s assume you want to align the left shape to the right.

select both shapes
align top or bottom as you see fit. If shapes are equal heigh then align horizontal center would also work
select left shape
Go to menu Arrange->Dock->Dock right

I just did this. It look’s what I am looking for. Or at least works pretty good.
Let me do some more tests and this can be a pretty good solution. :+1:

If you haven’t tried it I’d actually suggest using the object snapping method described in the other post. That’s more immediate for this specific situation and is generally useful for other things.

Snapping method result, if I do it rirgt, is very similar to drag.
But I’ve do it wrong… :angry:

As you said, and I misread it,

I drag it to the side not the corner because I was trying not to center misalign shapes and this was what I do wrong!!!


  • Object Snapping works fine if other alignments are not an issue at the time.

  • Dock works better if other alignments are an issue at the time.

Now I’m thinking, at the time to burn/cut, probably it will make to passes where the lines meet (one per shape) but I think I’ve seen somewhere (some setting) how to avoid it.
I’m drawing and posting as the project develops. :sunglasses:

Might take a look at this documentation.

Also LightBurn’s YouTube video may help as well.

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As I expected, using preview window, it will burn several times in the same place. To avoid that I select Remove overlapping lines in Cut Optimization Settings at Laser window

Well, I came with one problem and I have two solutions. :sunglasses:
Can I select “solution” check box on both posts or only one can be selected?

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I use the BOOLEAN tools very often. Join, weld and subtract are my happy buttons.

As I said

Thank you all, I’m very grateful!!! :wink:
Soon I’m going blind with so much light that you brought me. :sunglasses:

Boolean is kind a different of what I pretend to achieve.
Boolean it will works fine later, to eliminate the overlap lines for example.
Thanks anyway. :wink: :+1:

You never mentioned avoiding of double cuts as your goal in the original post…

As i mentioned above:

Thank you very much for the support!

That’s totally fine. I only meant in relation to as a solution to the problem posed.

Note that if your goal is to not cut redundant lines then there are other solutions and considerations that will be relevant for your specific circumstances.

Yes I know.
Exactly what I intended with this topic is solved.

If I later want certain lines not to be repeated or obtain a certain design by joining and grouping several different shapes, I use the Boolean function for that.

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