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Hello fellow Lightburnians, I have a question that I have been trying to answer for some time by myself and whilst I have a work around it becomes annoying having to do it this way all the time.
If I am doing a wall sign and that wall sign is for example 1230mm by 820mm with 10mm rounded corners and the client wants 10.5mm mounting holes on each corner exactly 25mm in and down on the top two corners and 25mm in and up from the bottom 2 corners my question is this - is there a quick and easy way to place them there or do I have to attach them to each corner of the rectangle and then use those coordinates of x+25mm and y-25mm and do the other 3 respectively. Please tell me there’s an easier way.

I finetune the first circle where I want it then duplicate it. Then I use the Xpos/Ypos and some math to move the duplicate to the other corners.

You could also use the grid array with the math. It might be quicker.


Not sure this is easier, but if you “Offset Shapes” inward .25 of an inch + the radius of the circle needed, on the outer border of your wall plaque, then make sure it is centered up-down and left-right.

Then you have a corner to place a circle’s center of the desired size correctly on the corner of the inner shape. Hope this helps.


Another option. Create the square and finetune your circle. Duplicate the square and circle together. and use the mirror vertically function. Delete the duplicate square. Duplicate the square and now 2 circles and use the mirror horizontally. Delete the duplicate square again. You should now have 1 square with 4 circles in each corner.

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I also lean towards the square solution, but a bit simpler.
Draw a square on T1 with the original dimensions of your frame, in X and Y you enter “- 50” (otherwise you can of course subtract the 25mm in advance from all 4 sides :wink: ). Now the 4 ø10.5mm holes must be placed/snapped on each corner and the whole thing grouped. This group/layer can easily be centered over your frame.


Actually yeah, haha why have I never thought of this. This makes so much sense.
Thank you so much :blush:

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