Placing a single different font in 56 one inch squares which can each be moved if needed

Seeing all kinds of tutorials on spreading out the fonts of a sentence or putting it on a curve, etc. But I’m wanting to engrave a single font on a one inch cube (with 56 one inch cubes total having different letters on each cube). Because of the font style I may need to adjust just that one letter up a tad or down…

So is it possible (I’m 72 years old) to create a layout for 56 cubes (7 across 8 down) that I can come back to and enter different fonts in each cube with the freedom to make a slight movement of the font in just one or two cubes? It does seem simple but I’m not finding any tutorial of a sort.


In my mind you would create a 1" square, then click the array tool and make an array 7 x 8 squares, spacing them as you see fit. Then switch to your text tool and put individual letters in eeach box, adjustng the position and size as desired. I made a quick video showing you how.

How can I thank you enough. Everything you did was so simple to you but so new to me. It’s means so much that you took the time to make a video. I am so so thankful.

You’re welcome. I know what it’s like to be new at something and not know how to do things, or even if what I want to do is possible. Sometimes you just need a little help.

So… after I get my group of 56 one inch squares, will I be able to adjust the spacing between them so they’re closer together, before I begin adding the letters? I have a box that I’m using as my jig and it perfectly places all the squares together tightly touching. Because I have ‘essential tremor’ my hand shake all the time and so I think it’s going to be easiest for me to just drop these wooden cubes into the box and always place it in the same place in my laser. But how can I change the spacing between and also above and below the 56 squares? I’m so loving this! My laser (Roly) should be arriving any day now and then I’ll begin my membership with LightBurn and get to work.

I would add that if you create a virtual array instead
you can edit the “original” source and the whole array will update too

Thank you, too. This sooooo helps. I’m not on Facebook so most all of my help is YouTube. Then today I tried this option and you guys have made my day!

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