Placing image in library


Is it possible to place a photo, for example of a powertest in a preset in the library? A photo says more than a thousand words after a few months.

Why not try it and tell us?

I did, but can’t find a way to do it

It works just like any other object. I saved it to the library under EXAMPLE

The art library is an option/workaround, I was stuck with the material library itself.

To help with clarity, the Material Library is designed to be a repository of known good production (cut) settings for a given material. We suggest, once you have tested your desired outcome on a given material, say oak hardwood, or a different set of settings for paper card stock, save that information to the Material Library for future recall when using that material.

The Art Library, in contrast, is designed to be a repository for the artwork you may use frequently and would like to have readily available. No cut settings are stored with the art, and no artwork is saved with the cut settings stored in the libraries. :slight_smile:


Thanks explaining.
I understand what the materials library is for, but wouldn’t it be nice if there was also a visualization of the “basic” result?
For example, for seeing the different color gradations next to the description?

Thank you. If willing, please provide some illustrations of how you envision this. Help us “see” what you are after. :slight_smile:

Will do tomorrow

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Hope this works.

Example 1.

Example 2:

You can of course create a file with all the settings via Excel and add photos to it.

But wouldn’t it be nice to also be able to see a previously created image/setting in the settings?

Maybe this is something for lightburn 5.0? :wink:

Thank you for sharing this, and I would like to suggest you offer this in the Feature Suggestions (←click this)site, so others can upvote, showing their support. We use this to help set our priorities. :slight_smile:

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