Planning to buy this fiber laser but not sure it works with lightburn


I plan to buy a 50W fiber laser.
Maybe this model :

According to the documentation on Which version do I need? – LightBurn Software
I believed that all the fiber laser running on ezcad2 where compatibles with lightburn

BUT according to the seller (we exchanged a few messages), this machine does not support Lightburn which need on a other board.

So, I don’t understand…

Could you explain me ?


There are limited laser controllers that will work with Lightburn. If they say it won’t, they are probably correct…

I just purchased one a few days ago, but it has the Lightburn logo on it and the proper control board.

Might look at something from Cloud Ray … they have EU, USA and Chinese warehouses.

Is there some reason you chose a Raycus laser source?

Good luck


Assuming that uses EzCad2 and not EzCad3, it will work with LightBurn. (I can’t imagine it being an EzCad3 machine for that price)

Ok Thank you. I was misunderstanding because for me, Lightburn use the ezcad2 drivers. So, if it works with ezcad2, it works with lightburn.

Concerning the Raycus source, no. I think take the JPT source.

Two questions…

  1. any foreseeable plans for EZCad3 support… ? Not sure it would buy us anything and is more costly if I remember.

  2. videos I’ve been watching states Lightburn is an American company, for some reason I thought it was UK based?

Thanks… Hope to have my fiber here tomorrow… :crazy_face:



Did you receive you fiber ? You bought it on cloudray ?

Yes, got it on the first of Feb… In less than a couple hours I was using it, or at least learning how to use it… which I’m still doing.

The galvo is close to the surface, it’s got a F160mm lens in it at this time… Came with a F420, I think, it gave me 300mmX300mm coverage…

Only difference between top and bottom is a layer to anneal the steel.



You took this model ?

From EU or china wharehouse ?

Not in the near future, and it might not even be possible. I’ve done a few traffic captures and taken a look at the data, and it’s possible that it contains a checksum channel that’s non-trivial. I can’t be sure that’s what it is without more effort, but if it is, that would make it likely that unless I can figure out how to compute it, the machine won’t talk to me.

Not sure what that reason would be - I’ve certainly never said otherwise. That said, I’m Canadian but living in the US, and we have staff in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK, so we’re kind of all over the place.

Yes, that’s the animal, I believe…

The China warehouse was about $1200 US lower than the US. I wrote to them and and they advised that an order from the China warehouse does not include, really anything.

You have to get it here, to a US port, San Fransisco in my case. Deal with customs and pay the taxes.

Then, it’s still in San Fransisco, you have to get it shipped to your location if you don’t live in San Fransisco so you can pick it up.

Cloud Ray here in the US handles all of that and gets it to your door … The spouse went for the US warehouse… she’s the smart one.

I suspect they have a whole container load of them to ship, unlike you and me, so I’m sure the shipping itself would be costly for a single unit.

I’d send them an email and ask about the machine… Their reply to me had a $200 off code with it… :exploding_head:


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ok, so thats the beast I own now, if I understand right, lightburn is NOT compatable? I,m so used to lightburn with my co2 and diode, ezcad3 is, in my opinion, is nowhere near the program that lightburn is.

there are possibilities :wink:

If you wish to use Lightburn, then you’ll have to change out the controller.

This Cloud Ray jcz controller is supposed to be EZCad2, so it should work with your fiber and Lightburn. It’s not low cost, but neither is your laser. Especially if you could have purchased it with the correct controller.

Are you sure you’re using EZCad3? The link states it’s compatible with Lightburn…

If you run EZCad then want to run Lightburn it requires unloading and loading drivers on a windows machine.


Yea, its ezcad3, I guess its what I need to take advantage of the 3d engraving capabilities of the machine. I see the other boards arent really that cheap, as you stated. I dont mind doing the driver swap, but from what I read this still wont work. Ill be patient, someday it will work.

I’m afraid it will require a control board change to make it compatible with Lightburn.

The link you posted shows it supports Lightburn, but it’s clear you have an EZCad3 board…

Good luck


Gonna need it I guess. Lol
Really like lightburn…

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