Plaque in Oak and Brass

This is a plaque I’ve just finished. The design was created in Lightburn, including the two brass inserts, but these were exported as .dxf files to be loaded into EZCad.

I was going to drill the holes for the inserts, but I didn’t have a bit of the correct size, so used the laser instead, one pass at 70% power and a speed of 100mm/s was good enough to go 3mm deep on a single pass.


A lovely finished result. I always like to see good finished work which does not look laser cut or engraved, but instead just looks like good careful work.

I think the brass inserts just finish this plaque perfectly, giving it considerable gravitas.


Nice work Julian, good looking engraving. What were your settings for the main text? And which of your lasers did this run on?



This was done on my Aeon Nova 10 which has a 100w tube. The wording was engraved at 400mm/s at 70% power and a 0.100 line spacing.

Thanks Julian, always good to get a comparison.



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Great work, Julian. Did you use a fiber laser for the brass inserts? I have a CO2 laser, 50W, and just ordered a 50W fiber laser.

Yes done on my 50w fiber, each one took around 8 minutes, then gave them a polish.