Plastic sheet cutting safety

How do I determine what material plastic sheets are made from. I bought 12x12 plastic segmenting sheets for a pool cue supplier but they could not tell me 100% what the sheet were made from. I take it I can cut ABS but not vinyl correct? Any way to tell what a plastic sheet is made from if the supplier has no clue? Any tricks? Thanks

Have a look at this. It won’t tell you what the material is, but it will tell help you determine if the material produces corrosive gases.


Call the police. I broke the law!

Thanks Jeff. I’ll try that test soon

Green flames so I won’t be putting this in my laser. Thanks again Jeff.

Suppliers are supposed to supply SDS (Safety Data Sheets) on request for materials that they sell and those usually have some info on chemical composition. In general, you want to stay away from materials that have halogens (chlorine, fluorine, or bromine) in them. They are both toxic and can corrode components in your laser.

I agree Mike. I’m a retired fireman and when we did company inspections it always included the MSDS of products they sold. This business when I asked just said it’s a plastic maybe vinyl and blew me off. I won’t be a customer again.

As a fireman, you have a better background to evaluate safety than many other laser owners. You probably also have some interesting stories to tell about those company inspections. Good luck with the material search.