Please add: run the Frame more than one time

I know that the same topic exist allready. But it is closed… :thinking:.
OK: there was a link to (I guess a bug report system?) BUT: its not existant (“Page not found”)…
So I have no way to say “YES! EXACTLY! +1”,
therefore herewith my wish: Please Make ‘frame’ repeatable.

You already have added a hidden built-in-laser-button (+shift), why not another key (ctl/cmd or alt) to add “repeat constantly”?

Yes Add please! Im still in trial version and its already anoyying me that it does not repeat infinity… its not easy to click every frame to position my object… :frowning_face:

next to that I love the software !

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ok: not in version 0.9.21 :pensive:

maybe in version 0.9.22 ??


It may make it easier for now to slow the speed of framing, the adjustment is in the ‘move’ tab.

Here’s my suggestion from March last year:

I like the idea
multiple passes.
And/or slow it down

ok, 0.9.23 not either… or? I could not find an update overview…

I see it like “less programming effort as possible”. Therefore: just holding an additional key (not shift, because this is “test light”) when clicking “Frame” and it toggles On and lets repeat the framing. And when you click, it switches off again. Something like that, easy and useful… it would only have to be somehow brought into the team, someone who has close contact the company LightBurn Software and is possible to communicate to the right person… that’s maybe the main problem.
Is there anyone from Lightburn Software reading this? Please respond!

We publish a change log in the folder of the release and we publish all information about each release here, and always have. :wink:

You must be new, so welcome. This forum is hosted and run by LightBurn. You cannot get much closer to the “right” folks. You are talking to us right here, and we are responding, so why the sad face?

As for product and feature suggestions and requests, LightBurn has hosted a Suggestion Site from the beginning, but had to temporarily suspend access due to things outside our control (was down for a month or two). That has been resolved and the site is active and ready for use again. We ask folks to place their requests there, so we can track interest, inform members as to the status changes to the suggestions and manage the process of getting your feedback for additions.

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We have re-opened it now and are ready for your ideas. Please use the search first, to not duplicate a request. If you find a match, vote it up instead of creating a new duplicate. :slight_smile:

Thank you @Rick !

You are talking to us right here, and we are responding, so why the sad face?

Now I got an answer, so now I’m lucky :slight_smile:

Ok: the Suggestion Site works now! I did my votes.
Thank you

I don’t get it… why would you need to program running frame more than once? Just push the button again…

why would you need to program running frame more than once? Just push the button again…

You have to watch carefully when the cutter runs the frame, right? If you don’t control at the same place but have to go a few steps from the computer to the cutter, the first centimeters are always over and you have to think of some way to control the frame function remotely and/or move like a flash. Or: have the possibility to run the Frame more than one time.

There are also a number of people who use this feature to place their item on the work table while the laser moves the area around. I will not do it. Previously I used LightBurn’s built-in camera function for it and now a fixed 90 degree angle with X = 0 - Y = 0 as the starting / reference point.

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