PLEASE HELP A NEWBE I 'm lost about the software

Dear fellow forum members
Now I have tried all the settings according to a Youtube video about LightBurn and about how to burn photo.
But unfortunately it has not helped.
My Laser from J-Tech does not burn, but the diode is lit and it is walking as it should.
I don’t want to buy the program until I see that it works
I have a try before buy
Sorry about the English spelling. After all It’s my second language :smiley:
My first is Swedish

Thanks for all “help” …

What firmware is your controller running? And what controller are you using?

If the diode appears to be on and very bright there are two things you should check:

  • Focus: make sure that the material is the correct height from the lens. JTech should be able to tell you what the correct height is, or you can run a ‘Ramp Test’ (Google that - it’s very simple to do)

  • Spindle max setting: Depending on your firmware, there is a value in LightBurn and one in the controller that have to agree. On a GRBL controller it is $30, and by default it will be either 1000 for newer versions of GRBL, or 255 for older ones. You can see the GRBL settings by typing $$ in the console window and pressing enter. If you don’t see a setting for $30 then the number to use in LightBurn is 255. You enter it in the Device Settings window here:

  • Speed and power settings: If you are using a newer version of GRBL (1.1f or later) and you tell it to go faster than the settings in the controller allow, it will lower the power output to compensate for the reduced speed. Make sure you are in mm/minute mode (in the LightBurn settings), not mm/second

Thank you Oz
I´m trying right now a settings of speed 100 mm/min. and 11% power
cross your fingers.


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