Please help, inconsistent cutting

Hey guys! I’m kinda new to the hobby. I only have my machine for a week. I noticed that it doesnt have a consistent cutting power. I tried the $30 command and match it with the power but I still have this issue.

Cut is run with 700 speed and 80% power, 7 passes on 3mm basswood

Do you have air assist? In cuts/layers is it set to constant power mode?

Wood is naturally inconsistent, so this is to be expected to some degree. Some wood species are worse than others and some plywoods are exceedingly bad.

That said, are we looking at the top or bottom?
Did you try this same job on another area or piece of material?

Any machine and setting details are always welcome. The more details we have, the fewer questions you need to answer and the faster you can get back to work.

I have been scratching my head on where to find “constant power mode” here is a screenshot of my cut/layer window. i tried switching to GRBL to no avail. No air assist as well

Double click on one of the layer lines in the Cuts/Layers tab and it will open a ore detailed settings page, it is near the top.

You need to set the laser type to grbl. Then you can use the constant power option. I suspect you have the S9, then I highly recommend going through these guides: