Please help with settings

Im new. I have not made anything just some test material stuff. I am having trouble with the laser recognizing the entire work space. Every time I try to engrave something the image comes out “squished”. It will start engraving from the bottom left to right working upwards then once its about half done it stops moving up and finishes the image in the same spot, virtually just burning a hole in the material. What am I doing wrong? Im sure I have a setting thats not correct. I just need to talk to someone who knows the program and can help me. I want to really start making some things to sell. Please help me!

Need to know what laser you are using. A picture of the problem first.

I have an Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2

Can you upload a picture of the piece you engraved? Does your machine have homing switches? Does the problem happen in the same spot on your work space? If so can you manually jog the laser past the area?

This was supposed to be softball with a player inside of it.
It doesn’t have a homing switch, that i can see…

Looks like a mechanical problem to me. With power off can you manually move the laser around smoothly?

Yes it moves pretty smoothly…

With it turned on using the move arrows does it travel the range of your workspace?

No it will only go to a certain point about half way through the workspace.

My machine is homemade so not familiar with factory units. Can you go to console tab and type in $$ and enter, then copy and paste results? Also go to edit- down to machine settings and device settings and post each.

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Ok! I will do that as soon i get home! Thank you!

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