Please retain and present 'Last Job Runtime'

You’re happily burning away with the laser and once in awhile looking at
the % of progress bar and the timing.
Suddenly the machine finishes and you look to see how long it took.
What the, its gone.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the software held onto the timing information
until you reset it?
Or it reset when you start a new burn?
Or maybe it would reset upon exiting the program?
Or maybe all three?

We can look into having a “last job runtime” option. Shouldn’t be too hard.

Side note: please make the post title indicative of what the post is about. It’s really helpful to the support team and to other users searching the forum.

Duly noted.
Thanks f or the reply.

I had this happen before while lasering a leather book!
But not all was lost.

My solution was to cover the already lasered part with some stuff the laser won’t go through and start the job anew.
If you line it up perfectly it isn’t noticable.

Only thing lost is time… but that is better than throwing away the book.

I don’t think he was talking about the job stopping mid way. Just wanting to know how long the completed job took.

Frown… I guess I misread.

Y’all realize that the console window will say, “Stream completed in mm:ss”, right? It gives the total time there.

No, I did not realize that.
Thanks for pointing that out.
It would still be nice if it were locked (and be able to reset) in the laser window.