Please verify if my Jog+Keyboard is working as intended

Hello! Not really finding much info searching around google so, figured I’d just ask here. Id like someone to verify if this is how LightBurn intended things to work, or if its a bug. When Continuous Jog is off, I can set my distance to 5mm @ 1000mm/min. When I click an arrow, it moves 5mm. When I click Numpad arrows, it moves in that direction 5mm. Awesome. So I now enable continuous jog. The distance value box gets disabled. If I click and hold the up/down/left/right arrows, the machine moves in that direction, constantly, at 1000mm/min until I let go. Awesome, sounds normal. Now the bug(?). When I use my numpad, and click a direction once, it moves 5mm @ 1000mm/second. Seems odd but, okay. ( If I change that to 10mm, a single click moves 10mm, which tells me numpad is linked to arrows+distance regardless of continuous mode on or off ). Now, continuous mode still on, if I click and hold a numpad arrow, it moves 5, stops, moves 5, stops, moves 5, stops, etc.

Basically what I’m getting at is, is this intentional design? Or is there an ‘oops’ here, where lightburn forgot to make it so IF continuous mode is on, then holding down a numpad arrow should act exactly the same as holding down the on-screen arrows – A constant motion with no steps. To clarify, The on screen arrows moves in a solid fluent motion.

I’m using a hobby grade laser. I have a 6-button USB macro keypad. I have the buttons re-wired to a joystick. So when I push the stick to a direction, its the same as pushing/holding Numpad 4, 8, 6, or 2. That’s all working great. But whats bothering me is the fact numpad is still going off the distance-stepping. Maybe its an unpopular opinion but, can we make the ‘continuous jog’ switch make the numpad act the same as pushing the on-screen buttons? Would be greatly valued!!!

Edit: Also, Alt+S starts, Is there a hotkey to pause/resume? Coming from someone who runs CNCs for a living, I’m use to having the ability to button-hit “Feed-Hold” and because my goal isnt to be On-The-Mouse, having macro buttons rigged to actual buttons, It would be super neat to have a hotkey act the same as “pause/resume” maybe Alt+H … H for hold I guess. Just a thought!

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