Plotter mode again

xTool just released the M1 Ultra, which is a laser, cutter, printer, and plotter. And I’m wondering why couldn’t every laser be a plotter or a cutter? Well, at least devices that have a stepper for the Z-axis.

I could simply 3D print a holder for a marker that would attach to the laser head. In Lightburn, there should be a switch for “plotter mode.” When enabled, instead of firing the laser, it should lower the head, and when the laser is off, the head should raise.

Is this something that can be talked about or is it totaly of this world?

Thank you and have a great day!

This is more CNC behavior and already taken care of in Millmage, the CNC version of LightBurn. (Not released yet, but you can see some pictures at YouTube).

Though, you can design this already by using a grbl firmware that you can configure and using specific gcode commands. I think people use it already for this purpose.

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Awesome, will take a look at Millmage and investigate grbl fw. This would be an awesome feature to have :slight_smile: Thank you!